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Economic Empowerment | Siete del Norte

Working for Economic Empowerment in New Mexico

Siete del Norte’s holistic, whole-person focus doesn’t end at the individual. We seek to serve communities as well, especially the owners of the small businesses who provide the economic backbone to New Mexico’s many small towns.

We provide a wide range of lending and consulting services to business owners in the interesting of increasing job growth and opportunities, improving neighborhoods and expanding existing business and opening more doors in the community. We work with a network of financial experts who can help you to understand how to build a business that will better your community. Together, we can revitalize our towns and love where we live.

Small Business Lending

Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) has been providing loans to small business owners for nearly 40 years, and as a CPLC affiliate, Siete del Norte is proud to do the same for our communities here in New Mexico. Often, small business owners here in one of the nation’s poorest states have a difficult time accessing the loans that can help them take their business to the next level. Issues like a lack of collateral, poor credit, insufficient equity and insufficient cash flow can be roadblocks.

Together with our state and community partners we’re excited to work with entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses. These small loans have major impacts in the communities in which they’re rooted: they lead to job creation, economic reinvigoration, and neighborhood and downtown revitalization. We admire the hard work it takes to run a business, and understand that a hand up in the form of a small loan can make the difference between a good business and a great one.

Commercial Development

When communities can create economic opportunities for residents, everyone benefits. New commercial developments lead to job creation, innovation, and income stability. Siete del Norte is proud to partner with both local and statewide organizations to help create these opportunities in communities around New Mexico. Our holistic focus doesn’t begin and end with the individual—we believe in caring for the community from the ground up, and that a hand up can bring a struggling town back to life.